A Mormon who loves us

Religious people usually aren’t our biggest fans. One of the reason is compared to believers, atheism represents a complete rejection of God, and this can often seem very threatening. It’s one thing to choose a different God than them; it’s quite another to say he doesn’t exist at all.

Well, not everyone feels that way, apparently. Here’s a Mormon who likes atheists a lot. Here’s a small quote from his article, “Why I like Atheists”

The majority of people in the world believe in God and practice some form of religion. So, the odds are that your atheist friend had to make a pretty serious break with his or her family, culture, and way of life. I call that bravery. Most atheists I know have arrived at their conclusions because of an honest assessment of the facts and of themselves. Despite an enormous pressure to conform, they stand up for what they believe to be true. I find that inspiring.

We appreciate the kind words Marshall, but have you ever considered the possibility that perhaps you might like us for different reasons as well? I’m just going to take a shot in the dark here, but maybe you like us so well because a part of you envies the intellectual freedom we enjoy. It feels pretty good not to be bound by crazy dogma (like magic underwear. Seriously, that shit is just weird, man). I highly recommend giving this atheist thing a try, buddy!

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    As a true hard core atheist I really appriciate such an act and reasoning. Yes, there’s more to us than what he mentioned, but he did say something almost no religios persons says! He said morality in us comes from deep toughts instead of a !

    In my oppinion, you went too hard on the guy. He seems like a potential atheist, or at the very least a person who will help atheist cause by spreading tolerance. Keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer!

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