Moral high ground my ass

According to this survey, church goers are more likely to support torture. Evangelicals were the group that support it the most, and considering that because of them, we had to endure 8 years of W. Bush, then yeah, that makes sense to me (also, The Passion of the Christ is probably the longest snuff movie in history).

Are you not as tired as I am with all the moral righteousness of Christians? There isn’t a day that goes by where they don’t attack atheists and accuse us of having no morality. The fact that they can turn around and support torturing other human beings is beyond me.

I have an idea; next time some religious jerkoff gets in your face and starts telling you there is no morality in atheism, ask them why 6 in 10 of them find it’s not a big deal to inflict pain on other human beings.

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    This doesn’t surprise me in the least. I consider going to church as torture, as I was dragged there kicking and screaming as a child, and they do a good job of torturing child’s minds in “Jesus Camp”.

    Torture is their number one thing!

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