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The quality of discourse on TV is usually quite poor, and I detest when obviously undereducated entertainers try their hand at moralizing on the issue of religion. Elisabeth Hasselbeck is physically attractive, and this fact has convinced her that she is capable of an original thought. Unfortunately, Liz is just another religious mouthpiece who hasn’t actually taken the time to examine a world view not dictated by the Catholic Church. Here she is flapping her gums about atheism without really understanding what it is.

The rest of the hosts seem equally confused. I’m personally partial to Whoopi, who has enough common sense to recognize children should be exposed to different world views, much to the horror of the former Survivor: Australian Outback contestant. Still, these yapping hens should read a book or two before they decide to make definitive statements about things they do not understand.
(props atheist media blog for the find)

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    Kudos to Whoopi for holding the better ground. Liz mentioned something about talking with your three year old about this. Here’s the thing, you can’t sit down and have a heart-to-heart talk about religion or no religion with a three year old!!!

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    I hate the idea that so many parents all over the world seem to apply, and that is the idea that you somehow must make up a unified identity between the mother and the father. This is completely wrong. Far too few people teach their kids how to disagree, argue, and debate, and it’s not bad for children to witness arguements between parents as long as they are civil. Shouting at, or in front of, your kids isn’t what I’m talking about here, and I don’t mean that you shouldn’t agree on what rules your kids have to obey, but please teach your children how to have an arguement. I’m 21 years old and people my age can’t have an argument without feeling violated. It’s absurd, and stupid.

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