Texas gets rid of age of the universe

Well, as I had already mentioned before, this was bound to happen, and now Texas ‘finally’ has a science textbook that no longer lists the age of the universe as we understand it. Instead, the textbook informs teachers to discuss alternate ‘theories’ about how old it is. Talk about a complete waste of time. Are they going to focus on how the Mayans calculated it at 1029 years old, or how the Hindus believe it’s 8.9 billion years old (not a bad guess, actually)? Doubtful. They are obviously using this opportunity to tell students the universe is only 10,000 years old (about the time when we invented agriculture).

It’s now only a matter of time before other sciences are eroded by these morons. Can we all take back our education please? I’m sick and tired of mental midgets trying to control what young people are learning. The idiot across the street who thinks dinosaurs and humans were living together in harmony, Flintstones style, is the same guy who is now in charge of educating your children. How have native Texans not lost their minds about this?

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