Shermer’s take on creationists

If you’ve never heard of Michael Shermer, then I highly recommend you read his book The Science of Good and Evil, as well as Why people Believe Weird Things. He’s the editor of Skeptics Magazine, and he’s a passionate advocate of reason. Lately, Michael has been visiting different creationists trying to understand their points of view. Michael is a former Evangelical Christian, so he is familiar with the kinds of arguments used to promote nonsense. Still, his adventures have left him still baffled at how seemingly intelligent and educated people really can believe such weird things.

Here’s a short from his recent article in Scientific American entitled Creationism in 3-D. I find this particularly hilarious:

[Refering to the statement by evangelical scientist Francis Collins stating that “the conclusion of a common ancestor for humans and mice is virtually inescapable”] Collins is wrong, Purdom stated, because “he does not accept the biblical history in Genesis, so he’s beginning with his ideas about what happened in the past rather than what God said happened in the past, so he’s interpreting that data in light of that starting point.”

I think she might benefit from watching David Attenborough sum up evolution for her in 5 minutes (props to unreasonable faith for the find)

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    That video is fantastic. They should show it in schools, as soon as kids start learning about evolution (which, over here in England, really isn’t early enough). It would blow their minds wide wide open.

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    Chris K

    Hadn’t seen that video before it’s excellent! Thanks for pointing it out. David Attenborough documentaries should be national treasures!

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