Miss California’s church thinks homosexuals are child molesters

Some of you may wonder why I talk about gay rights on a site about atheism. You might also wonder why many atheist bloggers also defend the right for gays to marry. Perhaps some of you think they are unrelated issues. However, there is no denying the fact the reason gays are not treated as true members of society is because of religious intolerance which seeks to marginalize this group.

I personally have a close friend whose life would have been lost had he not embraced his own sexuality. I know from his experiences the ire of powerful religious institutions affects even those who are not believers. So powerful is the hatred of homosexuality that it entices violence, bigotry and inhuman treatment of others. When Miss California stated she disagreed with gay marriage, many people felt her statements were not bigoted, but were rather a reflection of her personal attitudes. This was of course before anyone knew the kind of things her church, Rock Church of San Diego, says about homosexuality:

There are also moral repercussions stemming from homosexual behavior as evidenced by the fact that one third of all sexual crimes against children are committed by homosexuals even though they are representative of only one percent of the population…Emotionally people suffer from homosexuality. Gays are five times more likely to commit suicide than a straight person. They are suffering depression because of God’s judgment and their alienation from Him. So God not only tells us what is right and wrong but that by continually doing what is wrong there will be consequences and this is all evident to us so we have no excuse in suppressing the truth.

I won’t even justify the statement about child molesters with an answer. It’s from a discredited researcher who formulated data to support his insane conclusion. As for the suicides, could it be they commit because of the fact gays are persecuted, laughed at, ridiculed, and emotionally tortured? Could it also be because some feel as though they have failed whenever they try to change their sexual preferences to match what the church teaches?

Anyone still think Carrie Prejean isn’t a bigot?

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    These statements by the church can all be falsified by one sentence: correlation does not equal causation.

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    I thought we left all this “gays are child molestors” crap back in the 90’s.

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    Bastard Soap

    With religion nothing really gets left behind 🙁

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    Interestingly enough, on the homophobiaday.org pamphlets (May 17th is International Day Against Homophobia, btw), they make a point to mention that homosexuality has nothing to do with pedophilia. It’s very much still a common belief among a lot of homophobic groups.

    “Emotionally people suffer from homosexuality. Gays are five times more likely to commit suicide than a straight person.”

    Homosexuality is NOT the problem here, if church groups and backwards thinkers hadn’t trained us to think that because we are feeling a same sex attraction we’re broken, or failing as a human being, we probably wouldn’t be so depressed. I know I wouldn’t have been.

    Yeah, I know I’m just reiterating what Jake said, but dammit, I had to say something.

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    Jake you are really going out of your way to persecute miss california. If this is the best dirt you could dig up , then I am not impressed. Unless you have real evidence of her going out he way to bash gays, I think that your arguement is invalid.

    You are doing the very same thing that religious groups are doing which is labelling are person based on their beliefs, opinions, lifestlye etc. She didn’t go out and say that she hates fags or anything along those lines so why is she responsible for those statements. By definition bigotry is intolerance or offence to other people beliefs, opinions, lifestyle etc…

    By that definition aren’t we all bigots. Sometimes you have to agree to disagree with peoples ideas or opinions. Miss California was definitately set up by this douchebag Perez, where there was only one correct answer that he wanted to hear, after he didn’t hear it, he took offence. I think we should drop this whole Miss California thing and move on to more important issues.

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    Bastard Soap

    Dr Death the thing is that this is a more undercover spread of hate, a systematic gnawing at the foundations of civil rights. If we let this pass we wouldn’t be morally correct in my opinion.

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