NYTimes on growing atheist movement

The New York Times wrote a piece yesterday on the growing atheist movement, and the increased confidence of many non-believers who are tired of hiding their beliefs. It’s one of the few articles that seems to show us with dignity, humanity, and understanding. This, increasingly, is the kind of coverage we should be seeking. It’s no secret a great proportion of Americans still think we are despicable, Satan worshiping whackos. Most have never taken the time to actually hear us out, so these kinds of pieces are at least showing people that we are not afraid anymore.

The angle of the story is that rather than attract negative attention, atheist organizations are getting huge outpourings of support from both monetary contributions and well wishers. We are witnessing the beginning of stronger atheist organizations that help clean up roads, feed the homeless, and provide a range of services that have been the domain of religious institutions. We’re getting stronger, and this can only mean good things.

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