Faith Fighter!

Here’s a way to kill an afternoon and simultaneously engage in delicious blasphemy: play Faith Fighter, a web based fighting game featuring prophets and gods of different faiths. Your selection includes Jesus, Old Testament God, Ganesha, Buddha and if you pass it at least once, Xenu, the intergalactic tyrant.

The game has stirred the usually controversy, with some people saying it should be taken down because it’s offensive, and of course, the Muslim population feels hurt and targeted because of the depiction of Muhammad. There’s a hilarious option to play the censored version, which just puts a black dot over Muhammad’s face.

The creator of the game has attracted media attention before with his controversial game “Operation: Pedopriest“, where your task is to prevent priests from going to jail for molesting kids. You can do this by either intimidating the parents, or by airlifting the molesters with a helicopter.

Did I mention how much I love crazy creative people before?

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