Why is the atheist movement so pale?

Atheist Revolution asks: why is the atheist movement is so dominated by white people? It’s something I’ve often wondered myself. I know many African American communities are often defined by their faith, which makes sense; after all, the civil rights movement was largely supported by black churches and their congregants. African American culture is still largely defined by religion, and as such, it is likely those who have no faith, or who have lost theirs may not wish to make their private thoughts known.

I will be the first to admit rejecting the legacy of this institution must be incredibly challenging. One would be regarded as evil, elitist, or worst yet, an Uncle Tom for rejecting the values that have defined a people through tumultuous times.

This is both the greatest strength and weakness of culture; it can help define us, give us purpose and hope just as easily as it can rob us of our individuality. Minorities seek strength in numbers, and it’s why they react so strongly to anyone that does not toe the ideological line. To leave the religious nest means often abandoning those we depend on for support, love and affection, and I can understand why that would be difficult, if not impossible for some. I hope in time, these communities will evolve beyond the need to define themselves through their religion.

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    I’m curious about the same topic since I’m uh, for lack of a better term, an Atheist of color. Haha! Let me know when you find out.

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