Saudi police prevent fire rescue

People sometimes criticize me for taking such a strong stance against Islam. I’m told it’s a religion of peace by many of its practitioners. I’d like very much to believe them, but the actions of its strictest adherents continues to shock and dismay. Take this story in Saudi Arabia where 15 school girls died in a fire. Their deaths could have been prevented, but the rescue was hindered by the fact the police would not let them out of the building because they were dressed too provocatively.

It’s one of those tragedies you wish was a joke. Surely, no human being could possibly prevent someone from leaving a burning building for not obeying the dress code, right? Well, Saudi Arabia benefits from a religious police force called the ‘Commission for Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice’, which is just a long winded nomenclature for what is essentially a thought police. These guys are feared, and they enforce dress codes, prayers and sexual segregation with intimidation, beatings, and incarceration. If you want an example of police who’s main duty is the subjugation of its citizens rather than their protection, look no further.

The school was already a death trap, the doors having been locked down prior to the fire in accordance to segregation policy. The police only added to the tragedy by literally beating anyone who tried to go in or come out. That 15 women died seems of little concern to them; after all, they were only women in their eyes.

I’m supposed to believe the bullshit story this religion is peaceful rather than the misogynistic, barbaric and morally bankrupt belief it is? Sorry, but in my book, a religion is judged by it’s actions. So far, Islam has proven itself to be incompatible with our modern values, and free thinkers like myself will continue to warn people against its tyranny.

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    Did this happen again recently? The article you linked to was from 15 March, 2002.

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    Jacob Fortin

    yeah, I corrected myself. Still, it’s pretty terrifying. it’s not like anything changes in that country

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    “…in my book, a religion is judged by it’s actions.”
    I second that. I wish a whole lot more people would as well.

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    A muslim

    I agree, but you have to weigh up how much is Islam and how much is backward barbaric Arab culture. Culture has a part to play in religion, every culture celebrates their religion differently. There are millions of peaceful muslims across the world, how can you judge them because of a fucked up Saudi regime. Take Iran for example, if you visit the country the families will take you in and feed you and treat you like royalty no matter where you’re from – yet they have one of the strictest regimes imposed upon them. Are you going to judge those people on a regime in which speaking out against guarantees you an execution?

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    Islam is ultraconservatism at its worst. While
    teachings vary from sect to sect, in general
    Islamic law is seen as infallable, allowing little if
    any room for scriptual reform.

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    Harsh Surana

    Saudi is definitely a ultra conservative Islamic Republic – This is the most horrifying thing that could ever happen – Hope Science instead of Allah should them the right path -

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    egyptian muslim

    I agree with you that it is totally crazy and unjustified for this to have happened. I am also sick and tired of how everyone is blaming Islam for everything that is wrong and evil in the world. I truly think this had more to do with culture than religion. The problem is not with Islam, it’s with the people who practice it and use it to justify things that they do, that might have more to do with politics or personal gratification. True Islam is really a religion a peace and harmony. I know u might make fun of me and u may have heard this before but it is really unfair that u blame this on Islam when it is really the fault of the idiots who practice it. It is true for other religions as well…so many crazy, cruel actions human beings have done in the name of God or religion…God shouldnt be blamed for it..nor religion but the person who doesnt use the brain that God gave them to make a logical decision.

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    Egyptian’s got it right, man.

    Whether someone’s mind has been given to them by god or not they still have one. Not only that but they also have emotions and humanity and compassion.

    These men who allowed these girls to die in one of the worst ways are inhuman. They have a chillingly powerful hold over the people who fear them. They don’t seem overly bothered by what they do, I bet they thought they were doing the world a favor. How dare those girls not wear their proper coverings in their rooms!

    I know a lot of people in Saudi Arabia would cheer if these douchbags ever lost power.

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