Miss California is a bigot

It’s a shame physically beautiful people can be rotten on the inside, but then again, is it really that surprising? The Miss USA pageant had Perez Hilton, the openly gay celebrity, asked Carrie Prejean what she thought about gay marriage.  Her response did not impress the judges:

“I think it’s great that Americans are able to choose one or the other,” Prejean responded. “But in my country, and in my family, I think that I believe that marriage should be between a man and a woman. No offense to anybody out there, but that’s how I was raised.”

She admits her response may have caused her to lose, but she stands by her bigotry with pride. I’m sure this attitude will make her a big success at the next ‘Miss Homophobe’ pageant, but otherwise no one will touch her with a ten foot pole.
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    Just a quick clarification to preclude any misunderstanding. In the above i said:

    “where as your interpretation seems to be that he is rigidly devoted to his own group (people who believe homosexuality is wrong) and intolerant of those who differ (people who believe homosexuality isn’t wrong)”

    This should have read:

    “where as your interpretation seems to be that he isn’t a bigot because while he may be rigidly devoted to his own group (people who believe homosexuality is wrong), he isn’t intolerant of those who differ (people who believe homosexuality isn’t wrong)”

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    Oh Mike i owe you an apology, I completely missed the part of your sentence where you said Miss Cali and thought you were accusing me of using the word bigot incorrectly.

    As to why so many people call her a bigot, i suppose it’s just due to a common misconception of the word’s meaning. I wouldn’t call her a bigot, but i would call her biased against homosexuals.

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    “You need to look beyond what they say, and realize that their position is based on the bigoted attitude that homosexuality is wrong, immoral, and corrupt.”

    This would be useable for me if i had more to look beyond than one relatively innocuous expression of opinion, which i presume came from a christian upbringing. However, her view might be just that they should be allowed to ‘marry’ under a different label other than ‘marriage’. Which is trivial, but not necessarily born of a bigoted attitude. Are there any other quotes attributable to her in which she clarifies her position on homosexuals/homosexuality?

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    Jacob Fortin

    That’s still some epic tap dancing around the word. The language used by people like Prejean are intentionally masked to remove the impropriety of their statements. You need to look beyond what they say, and realize that their position is based on the bigoted attitude that homosexuality is wrong, immoral, and corrupt. It doesn’t matter how nicely you put something; when you deny the very rights you enjoy to others, you view them as less human than you. There is no clearer sign of bigotry.

    As for the accusation that calling someone a bigot somehow makes you one, that’s some pretty petty bullshit right there. I am not obliged to be tolerant of intolerance, nor should I feel the need to avoid offending the feelings of people who view homosexuality as deviant and wicked behavior. There are still lots of closeted homosexuals that live in shame because of people like Prejean and her ilk. They would deny these people the same dignity as the rest of us, and to that, I say “fuck you, bigot”.

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    Whether I agree with Miss California or not she was set up from the beginning. Perez Hilton asked her what she felt about gay marriage, she answered and she was attacked by the person who asked the question for her answer. Why even ask the question if she was only allowed to give the answer he agreed with? Very illogical. Come on, people. Let’s not be illogical.

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    “Why even ask the question if she was only allowed to give the answer he agreed with?”

    Apparently he was looking for a non-confrontational fence-sitting answer like ‘i think that should be a decision for each individual state, and that it’s great that each state has the ability to blah blah blah….’ that wouldn’t marginalise anybody. Supposedly that’s the point of the Q&A sessions in these things.

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    As a gay man…I have to say it really upset me how Perez handled himself here…I can understand marking her down for such an ineloquent and direct answer, but the insults and bitching? This manchild embarassment is not my voice.

    Clearly homosexual behavior is statistically abnormal…but defective? Sociobiological worth has changed a lot from the times when tribes relied on maximum procreation to survive…a gay person may do many important things for society: care for the unwanted, dev new tech, etc

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    “In my country….” wait, sweetheart. Its not just your country. We all live here and you are just going to have to get over it. Us defectives shouldn’t be allowed to get married? To have children, to have a life? Ok, fine. Since I am deaf, I guess I’m defective and that should apply to me as well, right? Blow it out your asshole, zeke.

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    What adults do to each other and how they decide to frame their relationship is no ones business but their own. As for railroading marriage for their own purposes, which definition of marriage are you referring to? There isn’t just one…and it hasn’t always been the same even in Western culture. Pre 12th Century marriage (i.e, pre catholic church taking it over) wasn’t anything like what we’d recognise.

    Why do you feel the need to tell people what is and isn’t right when they do no harm to anyone? There’s no evidence for it being socially harmful, they’re a minority and most probably always will be…as far as we know, it’s not a choice anymore than heterosexuality.

    Unless you’re religious, there’s really no justfication for opposing gay marriage.

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    Just Some Guy

    It’s the price of great beauty.

    All that peroxide has bleached her brain.

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    I don’t agree with her sentiments but I do agree with several others here when they say that her opinions are irrelevant as to whether she would make a good beauty queen (whatever that might be) or not.
    She demonstrated that she has an opinion and is not afraid to voice it, even if that means she is at odds with the PC brigade!
    That’s a positive trait in my book.
    She said that she was brought up to believe that marriage should be between a man and a woman, so what?
    Did she say that she felt that gay marriage was sinful and that they should be damned to hell for doing so? No, she most definetly did not!
    I personally couldn’t give a crap who marries who but I can certainly understand that some people hold a different opinion.
    I am proud to say that I’d never judge anyone who held a certain view simply because it differed from my own or was marginally less than politically correct.
    Anyway, she didn’t actually say she opposed gay marriage, just that she didn’t support it, and for that she was penalised.
    Penalised for her honesty and penalised for having the guts to admit it in the face of an intolerant public.
    Intolerance! There’s a word you may have heard before!
    Isn’t it ironic that “Intolerance” seems to be the word that fits best in the context of a woman doing her best to be honest about her sexual orientation and views and voicing them to an audience who are more than ready to vilify her because of them?!
    Shame on the judges and shame on any and all supporters of those judges!
    The thought police are on your tails folks and who knows who’ll be next.
    It may be you, you morality fascists, with your cable porn, your private infidelities and worst of all your holier than thou attitudes with your lack of condemnation of priestly child abuse.
    You know who you are!
    Shame on you!

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    I might add that if she’d said at any time that her views were held simply because of scripture or religious doctrine then I’d have a persnal problem with that but I wouldn’t suggest for a moment that she be eliminated from a pageant that holds such high esteem for religious values, I’d state simply that I thought the pageant was flawed and that the judges and it’s followers were brainwashed idiots!
    The fact is I do believe the latter but then, that wasn’t the question at hand, was it?

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    Monkey Mike

    Holly heck in a hand basket! This quote from miss ‘you won’t remember me in 1 year’ is frustrating, but the comments some people are writing are just plain disgraceful. Now I haven’t read all the comments on this page but I only need to read a few to see that there are some people on here who really need to think before they open their mouths (or keyboards). Seriously, wtf? I encourage those who are dropping homophobic and intolerant comments about something they obviously have nothing to go off other than their preconceptions, to think about one thing: If you are an atheist, is it because you think it is cool, or do you just like to be an antagonist and happen to know some religious people? I am a proud atheist, and it is the product of critical, rational and open-minded thinking. I fail to see how some of the bigotry that is being reported on here is anything but as bad as the shit that comes out of the mouths of any sheltered, misinformed, close-minded fundamentalist. Take a good look at what you are writing and ask yourself if what you are writing is the result of the critical thinking and rationale of a good free thinker, or whether it is because of pre-conceptions, ignorance, fear, and all the classic markings of a bigot. Freedom of speech is very important, but if you are talking nonsense on a public forum, you can expect to be called out on it. I just wish I saw this article on the 23rd of April…

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    Oh geez who CARES what Miss California thinks.

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    I wouldn’t touch her with a ten foot Pole, but how about a six foot Mick? No offense to anybody out there, but that’s how I evolved.

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    You do obviously, and you seem to care what people say as well. If YOU weren’t at least curious then you wouldn’t have clicked on the topic or made a comment now would you?

    You REALLY don’t think this shit through before you type do you? acually, Why do i even bother trying to inform a person who readily describes himself as a ‘sheep’ and does so with pride?

    Just like the Tootsie Pop “The world will may never know” Now do us a favor and peddle your bottom of the barrel site and ass-backwards thinking somewhere else please.

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    j rep

    How dare she think differently than you!
    And how dare she honestly and respectfully share her opinion!
    Politically correct lying is so much more popular!
    This is America after all!

    How is it that you can condemn her as a bigot for holding a different opinion than you and not find yourself being one?

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    I am a married straight woman. My husband and I are both Atheists and got married in a garden!. We got married because,of course, we love each other, but also because of the legal protection it gives us and our children if anything were to change. I have friends who have not been married and have had terrible financial and childcare problems when breaking up or even when one of them dies because they were not ‘legally related’. I think gay people do the same and it isn’t to do with religion. It is for love and legalities. Thankfully, I am from the UK and civil partnerships have been legal here for a while. I cannot understand why people are so backward thinking. I think the ‘Miss beauty pageant’ has a right to her own opinion but also think she needs to appeal to the wider community. What is the big deal about marriage being exclusively for a man and woman?.

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    Kuddos to Brian. At the end of the day who really cares if she’s a bigot or not. I mean …really, who? And also Zecke for that matter. Is not like you guys are going to loose any sleep or something, right? I am a happily married hetero and I think people should be viwed from a different perspective or point of view than their personal sexual preference or religion. Grow up Zecke (and all alike) and think outside the box. Oh, and by the way…my gay friend is telling me than men don’t know what they are missing on. Go and have your prostate checked by a hot female doctor and you will understand what I am talking about. (some of you probably know already). Wake up mate. Be more open and have more open views. In most cases everything has something to do with do way you’ve been educated. Take the kids that are ready to sacrifice for their leader (terrorists). Since they were kids some idiot told them that it’s bad to do that and is good to do something else. Take eschimos. They will give you their wife for one night to show their respect. if you refuse them, they will have the right (in their culture) to even kill you, however they will take it as a very strong offence. So Zecke, not everything you see or think is right or wrong. Open your eyes.

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    Zeke, you and Miss California were meant for each other. While I agree that she was inappropriately treated for her opinion, and that she has every right to her beliefs- I think your views are narrow minded, fearful, outdated, and extremely negative.
    It is unfortunate that you are so limited by your frame of thought. It worries me that your parasitic, black, and negative way of thinking can spread. The Internet is a public forum where anyone is free to read even a child, and hate is easy to learn.
    Why should someone who is different be defective? Our own evolution is the process of millions upon millions of “defects”. Recently female sharks have been giving birth with no father. Their evolution suggests our own could follow the same route. Perhaps those who are gay are the beginning of that evolution.
    Think of how wonderful the world would be if sex was no longer a part of it, at least philosophically.
    Anyways, you should look at things in broader terms.

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    cody, there is a large difference between animals self breeding and human morals.

    gay is wrong, do you know why? because it was wrong the moment we so called “balding apes” saw 2 male apes mating with each other. now if we really are just evolved pond scum, why would we have a preference of morals?

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    creationist, looking back on some of your previous posts actually makes you seem like a smart and decent person.

    I can’t tell if this last post of yours is sarcastic or not but I have to say it’s really nice every time I experience that sensation of being punched in the gut.

    Just sitting here, everything is fine and -WHAM!- Oh, look another person who does not know me at all comparing me to animals having wild sex in the woods.

    It is really wonderful, thank you.

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    ok what i was saying Lee, was that since any one can remember, gay is wrong.

    referring to my ape analogy, that’s what you Atheists depict us 1000000 or so years ago.

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    I’m for gay marriage, but I really didn’t find this to be bigoted. She just politely stated her opinion. She even said that she thought Americans should be able to choose. What else can you do but express your beliefs humbly and politely? Should she have lied just so she could have a more popular answer? And why is this on an atheist website? I’ve been an atheist for about seven years now, so I love that there’s a website like this, but they need to get their shit together. I’ve never seen such unnecessary hate mongering.

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    Oh, and I just saw this “preference of morals” shit from creationist. 200 years ago, society at large had a “preference of morals” for black people. We wouldn’t let them near our women, we enslaved them, we referred to them as less than people. If you lived in that time, you would be arguing that black people deserve it because we had a moral preference against them. Nowadays, you wouldn’t DARE argue that, because it’s become accepted in society that blacks and whites (and everyone else for that matter) are equal. 200 years from now, if there are Christians left, they won’t DARE to say any of the stupid shit that undoubtedly comes out of your mouth on a daily basis. Because society would reject them and their religion if they did. Remember when the church would kill (literally) anyone who said the world wasn’t flat? Try that shit today. God TOLD YOU the Earth was flat, and you’ve TOLD HIM he was wrong. Unfortunately, that won’t bother you at all. You have a sinking ship to cling to.
    Christianity survives not by being true, but by being popular. And honestly, how popular are they nowadays? Religion is on the going-out.

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    fred johnson

    Anyone against two people who want to marry one another in a free country is really really dumb.

    Divorces are very easy to enact and the fact that around %50 of the population most of them supposedly god fearing Christians get divorced make the arguments against anyone getting married pretty hypocritical.

    That should be no surprise as when it comes to being a hypocrite the religious win hands down, usually not even aware of their own double standards as being pretty fucking stupid goes with the territory.

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    Tate Fletcher

    Zeke, you are a disgusting person to the nth degree. My brother Tanner, and my deceased brother Trevor–both gay, both just want and wanted the same rights all heteroAmericans want. You are a f***tard.

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    While I do believe this woman is a bigot and a homophobe, I also don’t think her comment was particularly hateful or vitriolic. Explaining how you feel personally about a subject, especially since she has no political sway whatsoever, is not the same as oppressing the masses. She was asked a question that was designed to ruin her.

    Think about it. If she’d said, “I think gay people are the same as straight people and deserve the same rights,” the Christians would have, ahem, crucified her. And what she said has got her strung up by civil rights advocates. It was a trap.

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    Although I do not share her views, I do support her ability to express her opinions without fear of redress. It’s a mighty sad day when expressing ones’ personal opinion wil cost them their career. …..Sooooo, let’s ‘protect the easily offended, BAN EVERYTHING’!

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    Intolerance will not be tolerated!

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    Wow, Zeke. You claim you’re tolerant of gays but call us defective? Ever consider the possibility that people call you a bigot because YOU ARE ONE?

    Someone as ignorant as you deserves to be berated.

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    Let’s see….every major empire filled with immoral behaviour, immediately prior to its’ inevitable collapse, said things such as “Gay is OK!”. That is my favorite point to point out.

    As for the rest:
    For the idiots: This is not a democracy, you morons. This is a republic, please learn American history.

    America was built primarily by: Christian….Conservatives. And some liberals too! This is a fact, not a “want”. Get over it.

    MY America is moral, and the supreme law of the land, e.g., the “Constitution” of my republic, was directly built on common law, which just so happens to contain in large part, the Christian Bible. That is fact, not a “want”. Get over it.

    Every single true and moral Christian, who built this country, would automatically tell you “gay is devolution” and absolutely defective in mentality. After all, even dogs can figure out what their genitalia is used for, and to whom it would be used on. Only gays sidestep the normalty of biology, and consider that which is defective to be somehow…unique. I hereby note that mental retardation, and sickle cell anemia is also “unique”.

    Above all, the reason I know we “breeders” are right….is that we simply don’t walk around constantly challenging everyone and thing to justify our abnormal existence. That should tell you something.

    You polish a diamond, you don’t polish shit. Keep that in mind.
    Nobody wants a country full of third-rate bench-sitters, we want the best of the best, not the most of the mediocre. I might note that all other empires at one time or the other eventually have to purge the freaks, in order to exist. You will say this is bad, of course you would, but now lets ask all the OTHER people, who are ready for it to get cleaned up. It isn’t their fault you are too stupid to follow even the most BASIC of rules (biology, bible, take your pick of any and all).

    I don’t hate you, that is like saying I hate retarded children. I don’t, I simply pity those too ignorant to understand…themselves. And the real world around them. A bigot hates, I simply chuckle, knowing you are not smart enough to reproduce, and that soon enough, like a rotten fart in an airlock…..you will stink like hell for a while, but will fade away, and your “uniqueness” will be forgotten. As it has been in every empire that ever existed.

    As King Edward once said, “If you can’t kill them out, BREED them out.”
    Game over, man, game over.

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    Oh my GAWWWWWWWWDDDDDDDDDD. Let’s all bash the gay basher. Allow me to synthesize this bullshit a little:

    Poofters are awesome. They should have the right to marry and live out their lives in misery just like their straight brothers. They can start families too, and very fucking complicated and convoluted it is too, but hey, life’s messy.

    Zeke is right: wtf is the point of asking such a dumb shit question of a dumb shit beauty pagent slut for? As a feminist, I can tell you that the ‘beauty pagent’ itself is a fucking lot more offensive to me then any mild (VERY mild)’bigotry’ by a lovely young thing that was careful to phrase her opinion as gently and inoffensively as possible – whilst still being totally honest. Hats off to her. Her views are not my own but I admire her politeness and panache and her personal integrity. And what a fucking shame we are living in a time when to disagree with the majority view of the token show-pony liberalism of our times is to fail in public life.

    You are all insufferable morons. Go fuck each other in the arse or something. Seriously. Get over it.

    Perez Hilton ABSOLUTELY is a fucking parasitic faggot, and utter disgrace, a revolting, double crossing, talentless, jobless gossip mongerer. A piece of maggot filled dog excrement frothing on a summer sidewalk. BUT… no one can say this because, somehow, because he is a card carrying gay, any criticism of him is perceived to be homophobic.

    Whereas I hate him because he is the anti-christ, and the very THING that is most wrong with our celebrity-carcass-fucking ‘culture’.

    I don’t care that he’s gay, am amazed that he finds any guy that would touch his decaying blob of a body, given that he has no heart or soul to compensate.

    And finally… Captain Slappy??? It sounds like you are doing a lot of breeding. I congratulate you. But please remember: don’t breed with your own children.

    Thank you and goodnight.

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    (sigh) first of all…

    Zeke i think you are incredible closed minded your comment way back
    “It’s because it’s biologically wrong and defies logic.” is very VERY wrong. this has been debated previously as i have read and i support all those against you, the monkey arguement especially because there are some spceies of chimp that use sex to resolve arguements male to male female to female and make to female (banoboes i think) my question to you is are these monkeys biologically wrong?

    seccond of all Emelda…

    you have a good arguement but…(please keep in mind i am no shovenest *spelling)

    you comment on feminism… you claim that you are a feminist… there is absoulutly no reason for feminism in this day and age because females are equally as superior to males in contemporary times. my point here is that…Carrie Prejean has every right to enter the beauty pagent she can specify if she wishes to be judged on her apperance of personallity… i just shows that she is obviously insecure the fact that she needs to enter these competitions to reasur her of her ‘beauty’ or inteligance is rediculous…besides beauty is in the eye of the beholder…
    my point is she has every right to be in the pagent every right to say therefore femism especially in your arguement is irrelevant

    thank you and hats of to you all who support gay rights

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    How sad that what is – after all, a minority group should cause someone in the mainstream with a mainstream viewpoint to be seen as bigotted. Less that 10% of people are homosexual by inclination – let alone practice, yet it is seen as the norm.

    Male/female marriage is after all, still more ‘normal’ than gay marriage and to uphold it should be accepted. Gay marriage, is still a tiny minority and can never achieve some of the elements of what most people assume marriage to be – procreation [or the potential for it], and a true mothering and fathering of the offspring, whether natural or adoptive.

    I uphold this model over any other. I cannot deny that gay marriage is in very many cases, a true model of love, faithfulness and strength in society, but it does not ‘tick all the boxes’.

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