British Christians cry foul over TV portrayals

I don’t watch much British TV, but according to this article on a IK Christian website, it looks as though they are upset their religion is being mocked on TV. They site an episode of Eastenders in which a religious character looks buffoonish in her view of homosexuality. Other soaps apparently show characters complaining about the superstitious nature of religion, and how they target vulnerable people.

So how exactly are these portrayals wrong? Here in North America, the vast majority of homophobes are in fact very religious, and yes, religions do target vulnerable people. It’s why one of their major conversion techniques is to approach people who have recently lost people who were close to them (have you gone to a funeral recently?).

Christians are worried their religion is being ridiculed, and this will lead to their prosecution. I think they are overreacting to the fact they no longer have a place of honor in our lives. Sorry, you spent too much of your time supporting racism, slavery, torture, and ignorance to have a seat at the grown up table anymore. We gave you a couple thousand years to get it right, but in the end, you screwed up. Hey, look on the bright side; so long as people are scared, bigoted, and fear for their mortal lives, you’ll always be invited to the party. Just don’t expect to be the guest of honor.

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