Villagers kill 5 ‘witches’ in Kenya

If you have a weak stomach, then I urge you not to watch this video. This is uncensored human stupidity at work. If you’ve ever said superstition isn’t harmful, then you’ve obviously never traveled to some of the less fortunate parts of the world, where the combined brutal ignorance and extreme poverty are a recipe for disaster.

If you think this video is outrageous, consider the fact the person who recorded this video had also notified the police 45 minutes before the attack, but they did nothing. Now 5 people are dead, and all we can hope is that the video itself can lead to some convictions and help curb these kinds of attacks.
(the video autoplays, so you’ll need to click ‘continue reading’ to see it).

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    Between this type of video and terrorist beheading videos, I don’t know what’s worse? It does indeed show the beast in human nature. Whenever someone argues with me about the animal nature of man, claiming it doesn’t exist, I point them to videos like this one. Pure animalistic behavior!

    I actual do not believe this video would lead to any convictions. If the police did not care, then I highly doubt the “court system” in Kenya would care. Their mentality is not the same as ours; their concept of right and wrong is totally different than us. So, those innocent people died in vain.

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    How anybody could inflict that on other people is beyond me.

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    Just another example of what irrational fear can do to people.

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    Bastard Soap

    I think this is way worse, beheading in not this fucking level of brutality. This is very hard to rival. Also these are just common citizens.
    Worth noting that these fucktards are not even smart enough to start upo a good fire with which to burn them to death

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    Jesus fucking christ, I feel sick watching that.

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    And these murders were no doubt instigated by fucking crazy preachers like Sarah Palin’s good buddy, who pray on misery and paranoia in laying blame on The Other.

    As someone with a huge fear of fire, this is one of the worst deaths imaginable, short of Ye olde disembowling, drawing and quartering.

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    wow , check out :58, dude comes in with a flying kick.
    but this is too horrible for words

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