Australia is full of atheists and meat pie!

I don’t know very much about Australia. Truth be told, outside of the fact that in school the only thing interesting things we learn about Australia is it’s the only continent that’s also a country, and it’s where England dumped all of their criminals. It also has, to my surprise, a significant atheist minority; roughly 20% of their population, in fact. Now I finally understand why I have so many fans down under. And here I thought the country was full of crazy right wing religious bigots! Go Australia!

***NOTE*** I also recently learned Australia’s traditional dish is a meat pie, which is also a meal here in my native province of Quebec. You may not think that’s relevant, but that just means you’ve never had a taste of meat pie, man!

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    They may have atheists, but they also have a good portion of the religious moral crazies as well. In any case this is a good step in the right direction.

    And yes, meat pie is delicious!

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    oh yeah lots of atheists here down under but we dont make a big fuss about it.
    although we do get very pissed off if some religious nut jobs try and do anything involving our goverment and laws the poli’s know better that to piss people off down here.

    btw love the show you two are a funny bunch of Larrikins

    from the land of meat pie’s and skippy (btw he’s sometimes dinner down here) thank you for the show keep it up

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