Pharmacists sue for right to deny medication

There’s a disturbing new trend in the US. Pharmacists are attempting to prevent the sale of the morning after pill because of their belief life begins at conception. In Washington state, the government has taken the position it is illegal to deny any care based on religious convictions, due to the simple fact that their profession is not subject to theocratic moralization. This hasn’t pleased everyone, and now two pharmacists are suing the state saying their civil rights have been violated.

I’m sick and tired of every religious nut job coming out of the woodwork complaining modern society is imposing its values on them. Apparently not living in the Bronze Age has forced many Christians to compromise their antiquated belief system. These pharmacists are part of the overall health care system of the country, and as such, their priority is first to the well being of its citizens, and not their naive belief that life begins at conception. If they aren’t happy, then they can open up a fucking hardware store.

Rhonda Mesler and Margo Thelen, owners of Ralph’s Thriftway, think scripture is clear that life begins at conception. They are sadly mistaken. The Bible is not a scientific document, and none of the writers had any idea what happens during pregnancies. Besides, the biggest abortionist out there is their god; a quarter of all pregnancies are terminated by the body within the first six weeks. If Christians are correct about life beginning at conception, it would appear the human body has no need for such sentimentality. It’s priority is the development of healthy embryo, not just ones that are ‘alive’.

We cannot allow religious beliefs to endanger the health services of any individual. These same pharmacists would love to stop providing birth control pills and other forms of contraceptives. I’m sure there are many who would gladly eliminate condoms as well. Does that sound like a good idea to you?

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    Rachel Maddow calls it the Amish Bus Driver Rule. If your beliefs dictate that you cannot do the job you’re being paid to do, then you have no right being in that job.

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    I wish articles on this topic would hammer home the concept that Plan B is much different from the abortion pill (RU486). Many people I talk to do not know the difference. Oh well, even if everybody had the facts in front of them, the religiously motivated opposition will still call it an abortion (or “terminates innocent life” per this article): it’s like calling someone who farts in an elevator a terrorist.

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