Sunday school teacher accused of murder and rape

Proving once again that religion has no special vanguard against immoral behavior, Melissa Huckaby, whose grandfather is a Baptist minister, was arrested today when the body of Sandra Cantu was found stuffed in a suitcase. The little girl was apparently also raped, which only makes the whole thing even more disturbing.

In typical ‘I know the killer but never really clued in’ fashion, her family describes Huckaby as having a strong religious upbringing, which leads me to believe any potential mental illness was probably disguised as simple religious faith. The criterion for crazy is a little different with religious people, so it never really surprises me anymore when one of them pops and takes a few victims with them. How tragic it had to be an innocent and beautiful little girl.

Christians have a hard time identifying why human beings occasionally do bad things. If you understand that unethical behavior can be heavily influenced by mental disorders, you’re in a better position to help avoid these kinds of tragedies. On the other hand, when you put your fate in ‘God’s Hands’, you can’t be surprised when everything goes terribly wrong.

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    Admittedly I haven’t looked for any updates to the story, but the report I read on Sunday said there was no apparent sexual evidence or motives. But now I wonder if that was just a kneejerk reaction to “Well, it was a woman, and she was a sunday school teacher!” and therefore rape was unthinkable.

    It’ll be interesting to see how this one gets spun. But just like conservatism, it’s never organized religion that fails but its implementers.

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    Thunder Frey

    Being the devils advocate here, was the murder religiously motivated? If not why the religion spin on this terrible story. I mean the murderer was dark haired too, right? Is that also relevant?

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    Bastard Soap

    It was just to point out how pathetic the idea that religion makes you more moral is.

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    very very sad and i am sorry to the parents who have to deal with it

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    i feel really bad about the whole thing . i really feel bad because she was so young and had her life to live and now that shes gone i bet that her family still hurts when they or other people bring it up. it’s really sad and i think the people who did it should get life in prison.

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    A Christian

    There are many who profess to be Christians in this world, but by the same token, many of them take their ritualistic beliefs away from the Bible, which is the core of Christianity.

    It even says in the Bible, “Do not test the Lord your God,” A true Christian would have taken the time to study the Bible and uncover this critical fact. We are always responsible for our actions, God will not, cannot intervene in such a way in this sin-ridden world.

    Don’t judge the family by the black sheep.

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    update can be found at
    she did receive life without parole

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