Great response to NOM’s ‘Rainbow Coalition’

Great response to the bigoted National Organization For Marriage’s ‘Gathering Storm’ campaign. I hate these groups with deceptive names. The NOM should really be called the ‘We Hate Fags Initiative’. At least that way, they aren’t going to cause any more confusion as to their true intent.

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    There was a really great article in the Huffington Post (I can’t find it now) where the blogger raised the simple question of “How can allowing gay people to marry affect straight peoples marriages?” The typical arguments are the b.s. like its a 4000 year old tradition, it’s natural and we need it for procreation, etc. But none of those answer how legalizing gay marriage personally affects a straight person’s marriage.

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    The Rude Dog

    If you really want people to stand down on this issue, than guarantee that churches, synagogues, mosques, private schools and clubs, will be safe from liberal trial lawyers who already talk openly of hitting their deep pockets with discrimination suits.

    Once their rights to live as they wish are protected, the rights of others will soon be elevated, because the opposition will diminish.

    That is quite simply the elephant in the room.

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