Canadian teens are losing faith in droves

Here’s an interesting article from┬áthat states Canadian teens are increasingly abandoning faith. According to their poll, about 32% of teens have no faith at all. There has also been a huge decline in Christianity, and young immigrant populations typically come from both Asia and the Middle East.

The article is tame, although the expert, one Reginald Biby, is worried this massive loss of faith somehow signifies society may become less moral. He believes religious people have a better chance of having a strong moral compass, and without faith, society could simply disintegrate .

Personally, I’m sick and tired of this unproven and spurious reasoning. Surveys rarely accurately measure moral behavior. You’ll find although the religious respondent may on paper appear more concerned with ethics, in truth talk is fucking cheap. How many religious teens preach bigotry, hatred and intolerance specifically because of their religion? It would seem Bibby has not fully acknowledged the negative consequences of strong religious belief. He seems to think as more people abandon God, so too will they abandon kindness, decency, and empathy. These behaviors are inherent to all people, regardless of their creed. Attributing these universal qualities of mankind to a specific religion is pointless; our capacity for good or evil is not bound by our esoteric attitudes about God.

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    Personally, I found the companion article that showed modern teens are more responsible than their parents to be more compelling. Even more surprising was the claim teens are actually slightly more conservative in their personal views despite the abandonment of faith, but this attitude was mixed with a more “live and let live” libertarianism.

    I know the numbers are only a small snapshot and the data wasn’t broken down on faith lines but they do appear to be reversing the trend. Could it be that releasing the social shackles has resulted in more “moral”/responsible kids? I think so.

    Anyway, the entire series is an interesting read.

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    don’t be a fag man. Having faith in another religion isen’t “losing faith”. It just a personal choice, it’s not like it’s a problem.

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