Canadian government isn’t doing the right thing

I’ve never understood why the Canadian government is so adamant about keeping certain immigrants while simultaneously trying to kick others out, especially when the people we send back to their home countries are in danger. While we harbor ex Nazis, mafia criminals, and other genocidal monsters, we also try to get rid of good people who seek our protection.

Roohi Tabassum is an illegal immigrant who says she will be killed by her estranged husband if she returns to her native Pakistan. She has received numerous threatening letters from him, but even with this evidence, my government seems not to care too much.

“The decision to remove someone from Canada is not taken lightly,” Giolti said by e-mail. “Under our laws, removal orders must be enforced as soon as possible.”

Giolti is a coward who is hiding behind the law; it’s quite clear here Roohi is in danger, and yet, our useless bureaucracy will end up failing her. Roohi is not a drain on society; she works at as a hair dresser, and has managed to make a life for herself in this country. Despite this, we are sending her back to a place where honor killings are common place.

I feel sick to my stomach about this. By sending her back, every Canadian is a silent partner on her eventual death. It isn’t too hard for us to do the right thing in this situation. All we need to do is let her stay and continue to live her life as she sees fit. Does that sound like a big deal to you?

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    What can we do about this here in the U.S.? Can you post some info on how to contact your government politicians?

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