More honor killings in Germany

Here’s another tragic honor killing in Germany, this time by the woman’s own brother. According to reports, he lured her to the countryside, where he strangled her unconscious with a clothes line before beating her to death.

Her crime? Well, it turns out the family was trying to set up an arranged marriage and found out that not only wasn’t she a virgin, but she had also undergone at least one abortion. That was all it took for her to die at the hands of her family.

Europe is facing a unique problem these days. Their immigrant population is increasing, and as they do so, they bring with them many customs and rituals we find morally repugnant. It’s a serious issue, and it’s not disappearing anytime soon. My sad prediction is we’re going to continue to read about these tragedies for some time, at least until we stop beating around the bush on this issue and take a hard stance. Right now all we can do is prosecute the murderers. It seems to me that we should be doing more to protect these women when they are still alive.

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