New Scientist sees through the deception in Texas

There’s more info from the New Scientist about the proposed changes to the science textbooks over in Texas, and it doesn’t look too promising. The Board voted to completely remove the age of the universe from the textbooks, and more importantly, they claimed students will not be penalized if they subscribe to a specific opinion on science. In other words, if a student answers on a test that the earth is 6000 years old, his answer won’t be considered wrong.

The article also goes on to say the real brains behind this is obviously the Discovery Institute. They desperately want teachers to get sued for teaching religion in science classrooms, especially in a state where they have a strong chance of getting a different outcome than the Dover trial.

Luckily, it’s not all gloom and darkness. Senator Rodney Ellis and Representative Garnet Coleman are trying to introduce a bill that would transfer the authority of textbook adoptions to an organization run by people who actually know something about science. The Texas School Board of Education is also having elections next year, so hopefully they put a few more scientists and a few less real estate agents and dentists.

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    Big kickoff with New Scientist right now over here, Dawkins and Dennet and other notables rattling the cage about NS playing into the hands of creationists with controversial covers and removing an article detailing how to detect hidden creationist agendas.

    These are strange days. How has a state in America found itself wallowing in and fostering relativity, my facts are just as acceptable as your facts, we should agree to disagree, er, thats not how the universe works guys…

    Why don’t they join in, take a long, hard look outwards and experience some real ground-shaking, ball-tingling awe and wonder instead of this parochial, mooching around in their own sandpit. The whole playground is out there guys, and its great. Come on over, there’s always room for more.

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