Christian movies are hilarious

This movie looks like it’s Step up 2 the Streets meets End of Days. I’m amused anyone thought making this combo was a good idea, but I’m especially appreciative about how unintentionally hilarious it turned out. I must now officially watch this.

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    Lol, this looks like Buffy the Vampire Slayer meets Jesus with uglier actors and even worse acting.

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    All this because of just one touch?
    That’s one very, very wrong touch.

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    Heh, honestly, I’m not sure if this a joke or not. Literally.

    It IS April Fool’s day…

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    I checked IMDB and it’s for real. The main actress has produced quite a few other movies. It makes me want to write a christian novel, it seems it doesn’t even need to be remotely good or interesting and who knows, I might be able to get a movie deal too. I could give a share of the profits to humanist organizations.

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    This is going to be SOOOO good!! I’m squealing with excitement.

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