The Good Atheist 047

In this week’s episode, we talk about the latest Family Guy episode dealing with atheism, and how lucky we are to live in a place where we are not prosecuted or judged for being the non believers we are. Also on the show is the JREF’s YouTube account being taken down. It’s 28 minutes of TGA goodness.

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    (not lawyer) The DMCA forces Google to do as they do on YouTube so that they don’t get sued.

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    Once again on the (not so)good atheist, Ryan shows the real talent in the duo. Ryan is to Jacob as Stan is to Cartman. Jacob runs off at the mouth being the evangelical atheist with a huge chip on his shoulder, and at the end of all the blathering Ryan sums up the rant with a eloquently thought out summery, and nails it head on perfect.

    Ryan (re-phrased)- “people listen to the show becouse it’s like a atheist conversation, they can’t have at home.”
    Jacob- (overstated) What What What!!!!!! then runs of at the mouth like a small tacticle nuke.

    Many of us are like Brian on family guy. Quietly living out our lives. We are seen as being worse than pedophiles and more dangerous to the youth of today than rocknroll was to the youth of yesterday. (when in reality neither is dangerous just a symptom of our times)

    The show is getting much better, Ryan you should take a much more active role in planning what Jacob will go off about as well as quietly directing him. You need to show Jacob how to use the Force for good not evil, or before you know it he will grow up to be another Sithlord.

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    P.S. I love the video of “why atheists’ arguments don’t work”

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    Hi guys,

    I just discovered the podcast, and love it! I’m just wondering, I can’t seem to download episodes on itunes or from the website — the links are broken. Are you guys having technical issues this week, or am I doin’ it wrong?

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