The things fundies say!

I just found out about these guys, and already, I’m a fan!

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    I got in a fight with my friend over who was the biggest ‘tard in this video.

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    For the first minute I thought it might be a piss take, but they really are that stupid.

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    No way these are real. It says it is from an anti-theist board so it is probably exaggerated second hand quotes or trolls pretending to be Christian.

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    I thought it was awesome, they are jsut mocking the crap that gets spewed on religion forums they showed at the end.

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    Well, I’m sold.
    The DNA is acid and would dissolve us argument won me over.

    What I want to know is, if the text really was quoted from fundie forums, what percentage of them are just trolls?
    I know of one particular local one where at least half the most deluded and ridiculous members are basically just bored jackasses who post shit to get the fundies all fired up.

    Of course, once they do get them fired up and the stupid comes pouring out, it does read remarkably like some of these quotes.

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    This is hilarious! When I saw the text in the end that said it was real comments that they had picked up on the internet, I almost shit my pants. :)

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