The Good Atheist 046

This week we have a special episode. One of TGA’s fans, Jared, wrote in and wanted to know if we had any suggestions regarding his desire to start his own atheist club. Naturally, we had to give him our opinion on the subject.

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    Leigh will be up and running before long

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    Hey, if you don’t like condoms, you should probably try wearing a smaller size so it fits better.

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    Aerick Duckhugger

    I’ve pretty much always used condoms… even when I was in serious and committed relationships. I don’t really think they get in the way of things and it’s disappointing to hear you guys speak so negatively about them. The whole impression that you “can’t feel it” when you’re having sex with condoms is mental fucking illness and lame… If you’re not a doucebag with hang-ups over latex on your dick, you can TOTALLY feel it! It’s great… sex with condoms fucking rocks!!

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