Texas education down the drain, again

I thought the whole Texas Board of Education nonsense was over when the creationists were narrowly defeated, but it looks like they are introducing another amendment allowing teachers to tell students there is some ‘debate’ as to the age of the universe. If you think a debate amounts to every serious scientist on this planet accepting the modern estimates at 13.5 billion years versus a group of undereducated religious morons who think it’s 6000, then yeah, it’s a debate. By that logic, I think every class should also debate if the earth is flat, and also whether or not women should be allowed to be in a public building when they are menstruating.

Unless some miracle happens, this will be allowed to pass, and then the floodgates will burst open and allow every religious whackjob with a soapbox to demand that more dogma be introduced in the science curriculum. Get your shit together, Texas. You’re literally dragging humanity down.

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