Lancet tears Pope a new a-hole

The Lancet is one of the most well respected and read peer reviewed medical journals in the world, and they were not impressed with Pope Benedict’s statements that condoms made the spread of HIV and AIDS worse, so they issued the following statement:

Whether the Pope’s error was due to ignorance or a deliberate attempt to manipulate science to support Catholic ideology is unclear.

When any influential person, be it a religious or political figure, makes a false scientific statement that could be devastating to the health of millions of people, they should retract or correct the public record.

Anything less from Pope Benedict would be an immense disservice to the public and health advocates, including many thousands of Catholics, who work tirelessly to try and prevent the spread of HIV/Aids worldwide.

There you have it. It’s a double slap in the face for old Benny, who can’t seem to do anything right. Even high ranking officials inside the Vatican are begging him to reconsider his stance on condom use, since the clear reality is that they are a matter of life and death for many Africans.

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