It’s just a movie, dog

Here’s a bullshit documentary detailing how Harry Potter is a Zionist piece of propaganda. What I find hilarious is these ‘historians’ seem to forget their own religion is basically a plagiarism of both Judaism and Christianity. Also, I’ve met plenty of Jews, and not one of them was interested in world domination. Religious fundamentalists (on both the Islamic and Christian side), however, have no problem in the world becoming a giant theocracy.

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    A lot of what their saying, such as the messaih fighting against the forces of evil can be applied to a lot of films, so why is this one being singled out. Lord of the rings seems to fit all of their criteria as well, heroine fighting against the forces of evil, a cult of wizards. Then look at just about any superhero movie. It’s all under a very sinilar framework.

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    I don’t know why they are so pissed at Harry potter. Islam and Potter have a lot in common, They are both fantasies accept that Harry potter is a harmless one.

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