Britain gives grant to psychics

Deborah and Paul Rees make their living by scamming people. They probably aren’t fully aware of the fraud themselves, convinced that they are helping families by their cheap ‘psychic’ act. The British government seems to think the practice is kosher, and has awarded a 4,500 grant for them to teach other people how to talk to the dead.

I hate to rain on their parade, but if these two clowns really want to prove their psychic abilities, they can apply to the JREF and win a million dollars if they can display even a speck of psychic abilities. I bet the house that it won’t happen. If James Randi has proven anything with his prize it’s that none of these guys are interested in proving what they do is real specifically because it’s all make believe bullshit.

What annoys me is this business grant went to two scamming quacks who charge 65 pounds for their ridiculous workshop. The money should have gone to people who actually contribute to society, not two parasites who prey on sad individuals whose only wish is to talk to their relatives one last time. Lots of psychics think they are helping grieving families, but they only cause more confusion and make it difficult for people to accept their losses.

Let’s hope the government takes a second glance at this grant and does the right thing here. Give the money to a real business, not some fucking scam, please.

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