Stop being evil, atheists!

Wow, I don’t even know where to start with this guy…Did you know I was 100,000% wrong according to this guy? Oh, and he says if you hate God, he’ll hate you right back. That sounds more like the guy I’ve read in the Old Testament than this Jesus fellow. Finally someone who gets it!

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    Hes right we cant prove there is or isnt a god. But what we can do is prove that the fairy tales in Bible and so called facts it contains are wrong.

    The earth isnt 6000 years old, a man did not live in a fish for 3 days, Noah’s Arc is rediculous. Evolution is a fact of life, and by doing these things we can then logically and safely say there is no god.

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    Bill from MN

    Well I guess I hate God AND religion.

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    We say there is no god as there is no evidence to prove he exists. He says there is a god based on a book put together by politics, that most of the seperate parts either have no historical backing, or in many cases are actually refuted by common sense, as Thiga said.

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    He’s absolutely right that we cannot prove that there is no God.
    We also can’t prove that there isn’t an invisible unicorn standing next to me, or that there isn’t a teapot orbitting….. stop me if you’ve heard these…….

    I DO wish these people would read up on the logical arguments first before making stupid comments. This is all very basic stuff, it’s in the first few chapters of the Atheist Handbook (what you mean you didn’t get one handed to you when you decided to be an atheist?!)

    Yet another religious argument falls at the first hurdle. Next please!

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    I agree with Nick;
    This is a worn out strategy challenging people to prove a negative in a bid to hand-off the burden of proof. Did I hear him right though when he made a prediction? He said life as we know it will be over in 2012. Now we’re getting scientific here. He put forth a hypothesis (although extremely vague). I know I’ll be on the edge of my seat for the next 3 years! Another bit of entertainment is how he thinks atheists hate god, totally missing the concept that atheists don’t believe in god.
    Thanks for the 5 minutes of fail.

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    Proof there is no God

    The world is older than 6000 yr
    The flood did not happen
    There was no mass exodus of Egypt
    Jerico fell from inside not out
    The great march through the dessert did not happen
    The name of god was originally Yahoo then became Jehova
    You can not live in a whale for three days
    The value of pie is not 3
    There where no giants.

    Science has shown the above to be wrong

    The bible has been proven wrong
    Therefore the word of god is wrong
    Ergo no god

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    Since when do christians buy into the whole 2012 thing?

    What atheist has he talked to that “hates” god? And why (and how) would athesits hate god?

    Does he hate Zeus? Does he hate Ra? Thor?

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