Archbishop tells people “Don’t turn to God for help”

I understand the reasoning behind the Archbishop of Canterbury warning that humans are the ones who need to clean up the environment. It’s logical, and I certainly won’t argue with the logic. What I will argue with, however, is that Christians fundamentally believe the world going to shit is actually a good thing, since it means their Lord will come back, send all the good people to heaven, and fix everything on Earth eventually.

Revelations is one of the main attractions of Christianity. It’s the promised land; it’s the false hope they’ve been selling to ignorant and desperate people for two thousand years. It wasn’t supposed to last this long. Jesus told his apostles he would be back in their lifetime, but after being 20 centuries late, there are still rubes who think he will return before they die.

Half of the voting population of the US believes the Rapture will occur within their lifetime. I’m sure the hard core Christians in England feel the same. How can any of these people be motivated to do anything towards conservation? These are the same guys who think God put all the animals on the earth for us to eat and dominate. It’s not exactly a very environmentally enlightened position.

I appreciate what this guy is trying to do, but it’s going to fall on a lot of deaf ears. You’ve been telling these sheep that God is all good, all powerful and loves mankind, and in the same breath say he won’t lift a finger to help you. No one’s going to believe you. Funny, huh?

**NOTE** Thanks Courtney for pointing out they are Christians, not Catholics (I’m too used to shitting on the Catholics to notice them creeping into my writing).

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