26 percent of Turks support honor killings

I always knew that a portion of Muslims in the world endorse honor killings, but I never realized until today just how big that number is. A new survey in Turkey shows just how chilling the response is, and how incompatible this cultural attitude is to modern societal values. 26 percent of adults and teenagers are in full support of honor killings. That’s a full quarter of their population.

I find it surprising there was almost no difference between the opinions of the older generation compared to the younger one. It’s a testament to the power religion has in this country, where something as frightening and deplorable as murdering your own daughter is considered a necessity.

According to the population, it’s the media that is mostly responsible for making this practice acceptable. I don’t speak Turkish, so I can’t accurately judge what kind of media coverage they have, but I get the feeling the blame isn’t being put on the right institution. At the end of the day, it’s the mosques and mullahs who have the real power, and I have serious doubts any of them publicly speak out against honor killings. It is, after all, a tradition to murder disobedient female children in this religion. Reformed this barbaric practice, it has not.

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    I think you should point out that as far as “moderate” muslim countries go, Turkey is by far the most moderate. So 26% is REALLY scary.

    I mean, they even banned the Hijab a long time ago.(Now currently allowed again, a pro-Islamic court over-turned the ban.)

    It may sound extreme to us, but Ataturk understood that the hijab was archaic and should be discouraged in order for Islam to REFORM, and fit into modern society.

    Turkey onced looked really promising to be the first “western” style democracy with a muslim majority population.

    Sadly, after the founder Kemal Ataturk passed away, his pro-western movement has lost it’s steam. The Mullahs are running things now, its sad.

    Hey, don’t you remeber that Italian peace-activist that tried to make a point by walking through Muslim countries to Israel??

    Yeah, she didn’t make it through Turkey. An un-escorted western female didn’t stand a chance.


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