Nightline to debate the existence of Satan

It’s funny how little TV time atheists actually get. You would think we made bad guests or something. Nightline is having a debate on the existence of Satan, and the only people engaged in this discussion are ones who have no real understanding of the natural world. The ‘No’ side has Deepak Chopra, the New Age moron who thinks nature had to be intelligently designed because of its complexity. Also on the No team is Pastor Carlton Pearson, who lost a huge part of his following when he rejected the notion of heaven and hell. The Yes side has Annie Lobert, the founder of Hookers for Jesus (which is bound to attract males who love the idea of seeing former sluts on TV) and your average crazy evangelical minister, Pastor Mark Driscoll (who blamed Ted Haggard’s sexual sin on the fact his wife had ‘let herself go’).

Missing from this debate is anyone who actually knows anything about superstitious thought, or who doesn’t actually believe in nonsense. Ratings wise, I can understand the move; atheists are considered by many to be killjoys, going around and telling everyone their beliefs are wrong, juvenile or simply naive. The simple answer to the Satan question is an emphatic “there is no Satan, just as there is no Ahura Mazda, Yahweh, or Zeus”. End of story.

If you’re looking for a good laugh, then I suggest tuning in. There’s bound to be nonsense coming out of both sides of the debate, and if anything, you can witness for yourself how incredibly ignorant Chopra is.

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