How to lose friends and alienate nations

I could forgive the United States for their hubris in thinking they are the most powerful country in the world. In terms of military might, this I have no doubt. But to turn around and spit in our faces after almost 200 Canadian soldiers have given up their lives trying to clean up the mess they started in Afghanistan is too much to bear.

Look closely at your own behavior. See how you alienate those who would call you friend only for the satisfaction of being the stronger kid on the block. But you’ll soon see the legacy your country leaves will be measured by how well you handled the power you were given. So far, it’s a big fail.

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    I’m embarrassed for humanity. Only Fox news would indulge this ignorant crap.

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    *cough* *choke* People on Fox News aren’t Americans, they’re Texicans. They’ll be electing Chuck Norris soon and leaving us, so don’t worry about it.

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    Well that was four minutes of the most ignorant crap I’ve ever heard and no surprise that it’s coming from FOX.

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    This is either supposed to be funny, which it’s not, or some sort of discussion news, which it’s fucking terrible as. So, it’s a complete fail.

    And from FOX. Keep the clowns in the back room but speed-dial 911 because I’m going to die of not-surprise.

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    It’s fox. I could only watch about half of it before I had to turn it off in disgust. I think it’s some kind of republican requirement to be a moron.

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    Certainly, this is not the veiw of many Americans. I am surprised that even Fox would allow such hateful speech. My personal apologies to the Canadian People.

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    This is a very disgusting move on Fox’s behalf and their words reflect their limited and ignorant, poorly developed opinions.
    Disgraceful. Completely out of taste.

    I thank the American news media for demonstrating how pathetic they are at engaging in meaningful discussion, for appealing to unnecessary stereotypes, and fallaciously thinking their global hegemony is so invincible.

    How dare they minimize the role of Canadian troops. This war is wrong on so many levels.

    In response to Hoenig – This war is more likely like Vietnam – its not meant to be won but sustained. As we say in Canada, “sow-ry”.

    I’ll give these people speaking on Fox the benefit of the doubt though and tell myself this is classic group think.

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    Lets look at two points;

    first: No one in Canada ever calls americans “shit-heads” or other such speech. Right? I mean No ONe ever talks bad about America in Canada, ever. Especially on your show.

    second: If ( and a big “if” ) Canada were to be invaded then who would Canada call or help?
    America and Britain.

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    Certainly not anybody in the Canadian media. This wouldn’t be nearly as infuriating if it was just some joe schmo saying this. What we have here is a major network airing a bunch of idiots sitting in a circle and completely belittling Canada’s involvement in the war in Afghanistan. What a joke.

    And what the hell does your last point have to do with anything? Canada’s population is smaller than California’s. We’re one of the most peaceful countries in the world and proud of it. There is absolutely zero chance of anybody invading us you immature moron.

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    As a Swedish citizen it has always made no sense at all to me that the United States are called “America” when in fact there are two whole continents of countries that are “american”. Anyways, fuck Fox News. One of my teachers back in school used some clips from Fox News as examples of “bad media”, and he’s right.

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    That last sentence was a typo ( i thought the readers would catch that ).
    It was suppose to read ‘who would Canada call FOR help?’ not ‘or help’.
    I have seen and heard Canadian Media bash America. It’s not seen as much because there isn’t as much Canadian media. Though Allot of our ( U.S.A. ) media is made by or with Canadians.
    Fox News is mostly, your right, crap, even on the local level. And that clip is just more of their ignorant crap. And Fox News will get worse over time as the country gets more and more moderate, or more correctly the moderates voice their opinion by voting in more moderates.

    The point I was trying to make by being a sarcastic ass, was;
    How does Canada get to let their military take a year off??
    By being under the protection of the United states and Britain. ( as well as other countries ). With out that umbrella Canada would not have the luxury of taking a “time out”


    We call ourselves Americans but the name of our country is ‘the United States of America’ It is just vernacular or slang.

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    Max: I realize that but it gets a bit confusing when you hear something like “If Brasil can do it, so can America” (Bill Maher)

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    I can only imagine, from my perspective south america was always confusing for me. let alone central america.
    I didn’t have perspective until I started travailing around the world.

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    I’ve actually wrote an essay about how bullshit America is and I live in it! Its absolutely ridiculous how our country treats not only other people but their own. The rich white men are the only ones that have a say in any matter, even if a black man is president.

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