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I’m still trying a few different things for the bonus radio show, and I thought it might be a good idea if I made them a little more involved and personal. That’s why for tonight’s podcast, I’m asking you guys to suggest topics you would like Ryan and me to discuss. I figure this way, the patrons of the show will be able to play a much bigger role in dictating the pace and subjects you would like to hear our thoughts on.

If you have any requests, feel free to send them to my email: jacobfortin@gmail.com or simply leave them in the comments.

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    Swedish guy

    You’ve been drifting pretty far from atheism the latest episodes, rather discussing science and rationality than religion as such. Why do you think it is that atheism is so heavily coupled with science? I mean, not 500 years ago basically ALL science was being done in monasterys and such – but now there’s a canyon separating scientists and the clergy. Is it only because that in a tiny fraction of the scientific field (the age of the earth and the evolution/creation of species) they contradict each other? Or is it something more profound?
    I hope you kind of get what I’m looking for here and that you have the time to give this topic a couple of minutes.

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    Hey guys!

    Mr. Swedish guy, wasn’t Darwin in the church because it was the only place were he could have time and resources to do what he wanted, and also Mendel could only grow plants as a monk? Other wise they would need to spend time working on other fields to have sufficient funds to afford the time and other resources needed. In short the money was in the church, so artists too went to it. Also science has better explain many claims of the church, from the center of the universe to the shape of the earth.

    Moving on, how is the life of an average atheist in Canada? 🙂 Is it relatively an unimportant aspect at large or does it still bring controversy?


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