Atheist Pride Day

I received an invite on Facebook to join Atheist Pride Day, which is just another version of the ‘Out Campaign’ for atheism, and it includes the big scarlet ‘A’ that Richard Dawkins has popularized. I’m fine with the idea of showing pride in atheism, but I’m not really down with how this particular campaign is being handled.

I guess I hate the idea of an image or symbol. From a design point of view, I find the atheist ‘A’ to be embarassingly ugly, and the whole story behind the design makes me even less excited about it. Let’s just say I wear my atheism on my sleeve, but I would never dare wear that ugly ass shirt even if I was paid to do so.

Call me old school, but when it comes to non-belief in a God, I prefer my shirts to be of the offensive, hilarious, or hilariously offensive variety. Wearing a giant letter A on my chest makes it look like I’m on Sesame street letting kids know about the alphabet. It ain’t for me.

If you want to show your pride in your Cosmological position, go nuts. I’ll stick to making radioshows, writing inflamatory articles, and arguing with religious people. Maybe I should design a better shirt. At least that way, people have an alternative to one of the ugliest designs I’ve ever witnessed in my life. Just sayin’.

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