Pope thinks condoms will make AIDS epidemic worse

In the Western world, we are mostly isolated from the deadly effect of the AIDS virus. Those who have it usually don’t make much publicity for themselves, and some hide it completely. In Africa, however, the disease is a plague that is slowly killing off their population. It makes orphans of children who then starve to death; it cripples food production as farmers are too sick to properly harvest the land.

From his ivory tower, the Pope has continued to push his ‘no condoms’ agenda in Africa. He dares to call it an epidemic, but refuses to allow his Catholic followers to use condoms as a way of preventing millions of deaths on the false idea that his beloved God hates it when sperm is wasted. In case you were unaware of just why Catholics hate contraception, it’s mainly due to the Sin of Onan:

Onan was the son of Judah, and when his brother Er was killed by God (who smote him down because he was “wicked”, although there’s zero mention of his crimes), his father asked him to have sex with Er’s widow, Tamar. Well, Onan, like any healthy male, accepted, but before ejaculating he pulled out and spilled his man-seed on the ground. For that, God killed him, and the story now serves as the strongest evidence that God hates contraception.

Er and Onan are the only two guys that God kills directly without using intermediaries. It’s why Catholics take the story so fucking seriously. So, the epidemic, which could be controlled with the simple use of a rubber sheath over a man’s penis is rejected due to a crappy myth. That’s religion for you.

I’ve already talked about how corrupt and evil the Catholic Church is. All they seem to want to do recently is prove me right.

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    He really hasn’t got a clue how the world works does he.

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    “Pope is ‘ex-Nazi hate filled stupid idiot who makes stuff up because he would rather see people die than to go against his stupid fucking made up bullshit that may have applied centuries ago but doesn’t any more but for some reason a load of people still listen to him basically because they either know no different and didn’t have a chance or are just plain stupid and cannot be arsed to think for themselves’ shocker!”

    If there’s a God, and that God is good, then He must be very pissed off with this guy claiming to represent Him on Earth.

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