NHS tries to deal with female circumcision

Human beings are capable of some gruesome acts, and one of the more disturbing practices that is still commonly done is ‘female circumcision’. In case you’ve never heard of it, it’s basically the mutilation of the vagina in an effort to permanently scar a woman’s genitalia in order to prevent her from having any sexual desires.

There are some cultures that cut off the clitoris thinking it grows into a gigantic tail (read the book Infidel if you really want the gruesome details of how it feels). Most of these procedures are done without anesthesia, antiseptic and even without proper tools. Sometimes just a sharp miscellaneous object is used.

It’s a huge problem in Britain too, where they estimate over 500 young women get circumcised every year. Add that to the already 66,000 previously circumcised women who live in Britain, and you have a health crisis on your hands. It’s why the National Health Service has offered free operations to reverse the damage.

It’s part of a new campaign to help these women, since no one has ever been prosecuted for the procedure, which is illegal in the UK. The truth is the African communities are tight lipped about the practice, and as such, it would appear the battle to curb female circumcision is not going well. It’s why I fully support what they are doing, and hope that my own country offers the same. This is a seriously disturbed practice, and it must be stopped. Young women go their entire lives with painful scar tissue which makes sex not only unpleasant, but excruciatingly painful as well. When will we stop treating women so poorly around the world?

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