Watching this is painful

I’m a big Shermer fan. I’ve read all his books, and apart from the fact his voice sounds like he has a giant phlegm ball, he’s awesome. If I had the money, I would definitely subscribe to Skeptic Magazine, but alas…

The video is hard to watch if you know anything about evolution. This woman is literally trying to find a way to explain why harmful pathogens existed before the ‘fall’ of Adam and Eve. It’s the equivalent of getting a degree just to write shitty science fiction. Such a waste.

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    Wow! That’s powerful stupid.

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    I wonder what material she’s talking about from Mt. St. Helens, as far as I know it’s only actually been active for about 40,000 years, so any samples taken from the slopes of Mt. St. Helens would be 40,000years old at the most, I don’t know where she’s found these million year old rocks. Clearly whoever did the study she looked at had contaminated samples.
    Maybe I’m biased, as a geographer I hate young earth creationists automatically.

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    One could argue that this woman is exactly what a Christian _should_ be.

    She’s not trying to make the Bible into something it’s not.

    Six days. The Flood. Adam and Eve. No metaphors, no hidden meanings. Creationists read these stories for exactly what they are; and without the sad, desperate attempt to blend the Bible with modern knowledge.

    Instead, they elect to simply dismiss that modern knowledge out of hand.

    Through discussions with fellow atheists as well as [admittedly trolling] Christians, I’ve come to the conclusion that a ‘Proper Christian’ _should_ be a Young Earth nutjob.

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