eHarmony has an agenda

I used to be a huge online dater. Let’s just say it was insane enough that in the span of 2 years, I went on over 150 dates. So when I say I’m an online dating expert, I’m not joking.

I tried out every major dating site, but the one I purposely avoided was eHarmony. I generally found their philosophy of being able to ‘pair’ people up was deeply flawed, and at the heart of it, they have extremely conservative attitudes about relationships in general. They were sued a few months ago for actively discriminating against homosexuals, and were hilariously forced to provide that service. Why any self respecting gay man would try and use eHarmony is beyond me, but I digress.

The latest bullshit coming out of that website is an article about why people cheat. Apparently, if you aren’t religious you lack the morality not to cheat on your partner. That’s according to ‘Dr. Gian Gonzaga’, who like all eHarmony employees toes the religious line. I personally find it unsurprising that the good doctor provides absolutely no references, and includes the ubiquitous phrase ‘studies have shown’. Yeah, I’m sure they did, Doc. Forget the fact divorce rates are actually lower for atheists and agnostics; these guys think religion is some kind of marriage panacea. It isn’t. Get over it.

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    You should do some posts about your online dating experiences. I’d bet they would bring you some real traffic. That always seems to be a hot topic.

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    Jacob Fortin

    I used to run a site all about it, actually. It’s just one of those weird things I did and generally find only mildly interesting. I doubt anyone would be that excited hearing my thoughts about it.

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    You also left out that gay marriages have the lowest divorce rate. So those of us with no morals are by far better at staying in a relationship than the good old christian!

    But, seriously, I can’t wait until the first 5 year divorce rates are calculated for the MA gay marriages. Wish we could add the CA marriage rates, but those may be dissolved before the 5 year mark.

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