New Scientist has no guts

It’s a shame I have to report this, since I am generally a fan of this magazine. However, the publication recently pulled an article from its site due to a complaint, and so I feel compelled to say something. The article in question was a simple piece: how to spot a creationist agenda. It was summarily pulled due to complaints, made supposedly by the very creationists the article was trying to expose.

P.Z Myers made a good point by saying if the same had been done for a pro-creationist article, there would have been a huge backlash from the religious right complaining about their right to free speech. It’s apparently only a one way street for these guys. You cannot continue to play by their rules; they will cheat, lie, and manipulate to get their way. They have no choice: they believe that evolution is the greatest threat their religion has ever faced.

If you want to read the full article, it’s up here. Personally I find it rather innocuous and harmless. If I had written it, I wouldn’t have been as kind. Proponents of Intelligent Design are science saboteurs, who would gladly tear apart all of the progress we’ve made in favor of the facile and puerile idea that their ‘daddy in the sky’ did it. What New Scientist has failed to see is war has already been declared, and they keep giving these guys the high ground.

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    Too bad they pulled it. Thanks for helping to spread the word about this. I’ll do what I can to promote the article too.

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