The Good Atheist 042

The Good Atheist 042

This week, we discuss the trouble in Iran, where two young women were sentenced to death for killing the man who tried to rape them. We also talk about the Catholic Church excommunicating the doctors who performed an important and necessary abortion on a 9 year old rape victim, and finally, we discuss Turkey’s growing religious influence.

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    No really,

    I think that the bonus show ought to be a bit different than the regular show, not just more of the same.

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    Love the show, you guys always give me something to think about and make me laugh… but…

    I’d like to see everybody stop saying that priests ‘molested’ the boys and start saying that they ‘raped and sodomized’ the boys.

    I think that using weak or soft language like ‘molest’ instead of ‘rape’ takes away from what the victims had to go through. And its almost a media conspiracy that when talking about anyone in the religious community the word molest is used.

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    Anonymous Atheist

    The Honda walking robot is called ‘Asimo’. 🙂

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