Afghanistan is Messed up

I don’t like to talk about Afghanistan, mostly because as a Canadian, my government has armed forces over there being killed for a country that sentences journalists to death for speaking out against the Qur’an. Pervez Kambaksh is a student journalist who wrote an essay condemning some of the more sexist verses of the Qur’an, and was trying to speak on women’s rights. The 23 year old was sentenced to death, and is now rotting in jail while his lawyers try in vain to appeal this decision in what is essentially a corrupt ‘Supreme Court’.

It’s time we got the fuck out of this country. If it is impossible to inculcate our values, than we have no business being there in the first place. If they want to run their country into the ground with their Sharia law, then so be it. There are some places in the world that are not ready to consider women as equals, or religious freedom as paramount.

The truth is the Taliban has never truly left. They are still there, disguised as moderates, secretly bleeding us dry while biding their time before raising the fundamentalist flag again. What can be done in a place like this? I’m not sure. So far we haven’t figured it out. Perhaps there is nothing we can do. One thing I can tell you for sure is our continued presence will do nothing to change the minds of the people in power. Afghanistan is messed up, and it won’t get better anytime soon.

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    I understand your anger completely; believe me, I do.
    But, don’t you think what you’re saying is a little bit like saying, “We’re never gonna convince the Nazis that they’re wrong, so we should just get the fuck out of Europe and let them run themselves into the ground.”

    Ok, I know this is overly-simplified and leaves out a few important details (namely the fact that the Taliban is in no position to take over the world, for one little detail).
    But shouldn’t we be the least concerned for the Kambakshs and the girls who get acid thrown in their faces? If you were a soldier, wouldn’t you feel that protecting those innocents a worthy cause?
    (Oh, not to mention, Pakistans got a couple dozen nukes right across the border in a lightly defended bunker and their government looks set to collapse =T )

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    As I wrote on my blog, here, the issue is not so much that everyone in Afghanistan is a primitive religious extremist, but that those are the people we’ve chosen to ally ourselves with. When we went in, we allied ourselves with the Northern Alliance, and now we’ve reaped a crop of people that that Alliance was made up of: warlords, drug dealers, and religious extremists.

    There are plenty of other groups in Afghanistan, though. We could, for example, support the Revolutionary Association of Women in Afghanistan (RAWA) in demanding Kambaksh’s release.

    For people who think critically about religion and politics, I think there’s a very valuable lesson here – but it’s about our governments, not Afghanistan’s. Remember Abdul Rahman? He was a Christian convert in Afghanistan a couple of years ago, sentenced to death for leaving Islam. NATO rushed in to free him and found him asylum digs in Italy. Strangely, our government’s in no rush to do the same for Kambaksh – even though it still insists that one of the reasons we’re in Afghanistan is to liberate women.

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