Do you question everything?

Unreasonable Faith asks an interesting question to the faithful: What if God was Disproved? I think, however, the answer to this question is fairly obvious: they would ignore it. Think about all the things religious people already ignore: evolution, the Constitution, sexual preferences (that one literally scares them to death); they even ignore parts of their own religious text they find inconvenient.

I think a better question for religious people is this: Have you really ever considered that your viewpoint is inherently biased? I want you to imagine the existence or non-existence of God are of equal merit (for the sake of this argument), and you had to make a decision about which viewpoint to believe. Before you did that however, you had to consider your own preformed attitude about the question. If you’re already religious, how honest are you willing to be about your choice? Did you really look at the evidence, or were you far too emotionally invested to care about it being true or not? As an atheist, I have nothing to gain in there being no God, since the position comes with no real added benefits. But to the religious, God is everything: moral arbiter, best friend, and father figure. There’s obviously going to be a huge amount of bias coming in, and it’s doubtful the question will get the amount of thought it deserves.

How can I know someone is wrong? The simple answer to this question is anyone who is unwilling to question their own assumptions are usually too close minded to fathom the possibility that they may in fact be wrong. How advanced would our civilization be if we had never questioned the assumption that the sun revolved around the earth? I take nothing for granted in my position as an atheist. There is still an inquisitive part which would be more than willing to accept God if the evidence was strong. It is not. It does not mean I will abandon my search, but I find it hard to believe anyone who is deeply religious gives the question of the existence of God a passing thought, and that is why I am sure their beliefs are seriously flawed.

We are independent organisms, capable of formulating our own thoughts, and capable of rebelling against the conventions and the attitudes of our fellows. We have the ability to question everything, and learn about the world on our own. What a shame so many choose to abandon the pursuit of knowledge in favor of the weak comfort of religion. When you only have one life to live, it’s best not to spend all of that time fumbling in the dark.

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    “…I find it hard to believe that anyone who is deeply religious gives the question of the existence of God a passing though…”

    If they did, we’d have a much funnier debate world for sure. x]

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