More evil from the Catholic Church

There’s always something controversial going on with Catholics. These guys are out of touch with modern life, and as a consequence, they always do something stupid and plain horrible enough to make the news. Today it’s the archbishop Don Jose Cardoso Sobrinho who excommunicated the Brazilian doctors who performed an abortion on a 9 year old rape victim.

Sobrinho has no concern over the rape itself, since he chose not to excommunicate the stepfather who had abused the girl since age 6. To quote the man, “A graver act than (rape) is abortion, to eliminate an innocent life”. Oh, and the only reason they didn’t excommunicate the little girl is because she’s a minor. What benevolence!

Let’s face the fucking facts here. Over 1 million women undergo illegal abortions in Brazil each yeah, with a quarter of them having to be treated because the procedures are botched. Many of these women were sexually assaulted, and rape is a major problem in Brazil. Yet, the archbishop doesn’t really care about it. Why would he? It’s men doing the raping after all, and in any chauvinistic society, that kind of thing isn’t important.

I feel sick to my stomach about this. Some poor 9 year old girl needed the bravery of the doctors to allow her the chance to live a normal life and not be a mother at 10 years of age. These people faced the full force of the church, which in Brazil still has a great deal of influence. Congratulations Catholic Church on proving once again why you are one of the most corrupt, evil, and terrible institutions in the world.

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