And finally tonight, gullibility!

Welcome to the world of pareidolia. The same thing happened when you looks at clouds. Only the very desperate think there’s a message. Best part of the video is when “Cheesus” shows up.

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    Infinite Monkey

    Call be a doubting thomas, but hasn’t anyone noticed that those mostly conform to the hollywood/pop culture version of jesus? Now, don’t get me wrong, hollywood and pop culture have time and time proved their histsorical accuracy. Just look at the story of the 300 spartans!

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    Does anyone else wonder if even ONE of those news anchors considered the fact that no one has any idea what Jesus actually looked like because no one’s ever seen him?

    I mean, yes, pareidolia is one thing; I’ve seen faces in clouds and monsters in shadows. But to think an inanimate object looks like something you’ve never seen seems rather daft…

    All these ‘believers’ are going on is Renaissance-era depictions, which were obviously man made! What if Jesus had short hair and no facial hair?!

    (Or what if Jesus didn’t exist at all?!)

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    You know, it’s a very good thing that the human visual system always sees what is going on with 100% accuracy with absolutely zero interpretation going on, otherwise I might just be tempted to say that this is just our brains trying to make a pattern (for instance a face) out of randomness. Of course, that second idea is laughable. Forget I said it. I SAID FORGET!

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    I have to agree with Infinite Monkey here. It is totally the westernized, Hollywood type Jesus. Its a white guy, long brownish hair, beard, etc. The same goes for the Vigin Mary. White chick, blackish hair, no beard, etc. You get the picture, well you get it after someone tells you that you get it.

    Holy Jesus Scab, Batman!

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    Bastard Soap

    I’m I the only one that finds it pathetic that this accounts for reporting while science news is microscopic?

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