Creationism in Hampshire (revised)

I had originally written this story under the mistaken assumption that it was in New Hampshire, when it was in fact in Hampshire, England! Thanks Glenn for the clarification. I suppose it was my prejudice that England would never stoop to such lows, but I have seen the error in my ways.

Of all the places thinking about introducing creationist material into classrooms, the last place I thought it would show up was in England. Unfortunately, this fucking nonsense is showing up there too. Some clown named Clive Erricker has written a curriculum for joint teaching in the science classroom, and his reasons for this are so transparent, I don’t feel the need to repeat it.

When are people going to put their foot down on this? It’s already been made abundantly clear that creationism is not to be taught in public school science classes. Modern creationists are claiming their inability to teach this nonsense in classrooms is a form of intellectual discrimination. It’s bullshit of course, but it’s enough to open the door for them.

Schools really need to clamp down on this kind of thing, since it will start to confuse kids as to what constitutes a sound theory in science. No, reading a bit of mythology and interpreting it literally is not sound science, people! I don’t know about you, but I’m at the end of my rope here…

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