Why Christians visit atheist blogs

I’m not really in the habit of visiting Christian blogs. There is nothing about their viewpoint I haven’t heard or  read a million times. Jesus is Lord, Jesus is the way, the light and the only salvation. I get it; you love the guy.

The Proud Atheist recently asked “why do Christians visit atheist sites”, and I thought I might put in my two cents. Christianity is a proselytizing religion. If you aren’t spreading the good word, you apparently aren’t doing something right. In their eyes, we are the deluded ones who have strayed from the light. Our apparent apostasy from the folds of religion is a departure that threatens our very soul, and their’s were they to idly stand by and do nothing.

We do not ask for their help, for their opinions, and still they give it, despite the fact  we are content in our world view. These Christians who frequent atheist sites have no idea once the Pandora’s box of atheism is opened, it is impossible to believe the easy answers of religion. We have seen a cosmos without an operator, and it’s transformed us.

Quoting scripture is the way most Christians express their religious opinion, and it belies the fact so many of them are locked into a mentality they inherited rather than earned. Free thought is the condemnation of all ideologies that cannot stand on their own merit, and institutions that command their followers to abject submission.

In the atheist blogosphere, having to put up with Bible quoting Christians is all part of the game. Personally it’s always reminded me why I do this thing anyways.

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    I think they read and comment as a way of shoring up their belief. They want to tell themselves that their faith withstood the criticism from an atheist, and so that makes it more “rational” to them. They “win” in their head game which is the only place they can “win” since reality doesn’t seem very big on providing any evidence for peoples’ supernatural beliefs.

    So long as they can see atheism as another “faith”, they can keep themselves from understanding that atheists reject their claims for the same reasons they reject other religions and superstitions and supernatural claims… and we mock them for the same reason they might mock believers in Scientology or New Age Pyramid Power.

    They want to use their freedom of speech to keep us from exercising ours lest the whole delusion they feel so special for “believing in” crumbles. It’s part of the “faith in faith” meme. So we may as well have fun with them. (I joke that their “intelligent designer” sends them to skeptic websites for the amusement of skeptics.)

    If theists were as private with their beliefs as they wanted atheists or Scientologists or others to be, then they never need know that we think they’re as nutty as they think other cultists are. But then they couldn’t feel persecuted or generate fodder to support their “immoral atheist” stereotype.

    I’m perfectly willing to assume everyone is rational until they open their mouth (or type crazy messages) that reveal otherwise. I was once a believer–most atheists were… so I have sympathy for their feelings, but I still don’t want to play a role in their delusion. And when they inflict their opinions on me, I feel invited to let them know my opinions of their opinions.

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