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Wow, and here I was complaining about how tame the atheist bus campaign message was. Islam: Submission to God reminds me why I revile this religion. Since God isn’t actually around, the only thing you’re submissive to is a dusty, poorly written tome that is completely incompatible with modern values.

Oh, and graphic design FAIL!

(props Friendly Atheist for the find)

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    Why Islam?
    Because once they’ve got you – you stay got or get killed.
    Because otherwise they want to kill you.
    Because otherwise you’ll be hit on the head with a steel hammer and 50 poisonous snakes with poison so poisonous that just one bite could poison all life on Earth with its poisonisity will bite you after you have been killed.
    (Hang on, where have I heard that last one before…)

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    And this is supposed to recruit people? Sounds more like a “friendly reminder” for any Muslims who might be stepping out of line!

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    What Kerrie said… I can’t believe they think this is going to win over any undecided people!

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