Texas loves abstinence teaching

You know what I find so hilarious about abstinence teaching? It isn’t the fact it’s so ineffective, or states that teach this garbage have higher pregnancy and STD rates. No, what I love above all else is how much that garbage costs. Take Texas, where 96% of their sex ed is abstinence only at the tune of 18 million dollars.

Well, that’s how much it costs to teach it, but it certainly doesn’t reflect the human cost. Assume for a moment that the increased rates of STIs and pregnancies aren’t free. Many of these teen moms will need help from the state to raise their babies, since they have no jobs, and their educational prospects are low.

Since abstinence is so fucking useless, they may as well just spend zero dollars and the results will be the same. Kids will have sex regardless of what nonsense you put in their heads. So if you’re so opposed to condom use, you might as well put some money in treatment programs for all the herpes outbreaks, and unplanned pregnancies heading your way…morons.

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